Easi-twist Jar Opener, Makes Opening a Jar Easy when you have hand pain,

Jar Opener "Easi-twist"
Jar Opener "Easi-twist"
Item# H-Easi-Twist

Product Description

Jar Opener "Easi-twist"
Easi-twist Jar Opener,

Regardless if it is caused from a hand arm injury or if Arthritis makes the simple jobs difficult, use this Easitwist jar opener to help you with opening jars and bottles from small to large.

The simple economical way to open a jar when your hands just won't do the twist anymore.

Opens Multiple jar sizes Small to Large Ring sizes.

Instruction for use:

1. Place correct size circle over lid.

2. Close the Easi-Twist until tight around lid.

3. Hold base of jar, keeping it upright, and turn Easi-twist in counter-clockwise direction.

Comes in Red, Black or Blue, note color if you have a choice.

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