Bottle Handle for Help With 2 Liter Bottles when you have Grip Problems

Easy 2 Hold Soda Pouring Handle by Brix
Easy 2 Hold Soda Pouring Handle by Brix
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Product Description

Brix Easy2Hold Soda Handle is a pouring handle that quickly attaches to large plastic beverage bottles to provide more control while pouring.

It prevents softer PET plastic bottles from collapsing and helps to avoid messy spills!

Simply remove the bottle cap, attach the Easy2Hold Soda Handle, pour your beverage and then replace the screw cap back onto the pouring handle. It keeps contents fresh until you're ready for your next drink. It's so simple and easy anyone can use it, including kids and people with arthritis.

Easy2Hold Soda Handle will become one of your go-to kitchen tools.

The unique, ergonomic design is compact enough for bottles to store away easily, upright or laying on their side, while the handle is still attached. It's durable and dishwasher safe. Brix is a family-owned and operated company based in Denmark. The two brothers, Christian Brix-Hansen (Harvard MBA, Civil Economist) and Joachim Brix-Hansen (Civil Economist) design their award-winning products as simple solutions for the culinary market.

Product Features:

Easy2Hold Soda Handle attaches to large PET plastic bottles for more control while pouring and helps prevent softer plastic bottles from collapsing

Simply remove the cap from bottle; attach Easy2Hold; pour beverage and screw bottle cap back on pouring handle; keeps contents fresh

Easy for anyone to attach and use; even kids and people with arthritis Unique; ergonomic design is compact enough for bottles to store either vertically or horizontally; while handle is attached

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