Kitchen and Shop Cut-Resistant Gloves, Adding Safety for the Sight impaired worker.

Cut Gloves in 3 Sizes
Cut Gloves in 3 Sizes
Item# H-CutGL

Product Description

Cut Gloves in 3 Sizes
Cut Gloves for when you're up against the cutting edge, Safety for blind and visually impaired workers and employees

The Intruder Cut-Resistant Glove is designed to reduce your injuries at home or at work.

All materials are FDA and USDA approved and meets rigid food service industry standards.

Its seamless knit design adds uniform protection and strength to reduce accidental injury to hand and wrist.

Around the workshop, garden or home, Intruder's Cut-Resistant Gloves offer protection from sharp hand and garden tools.

Even the smallest hands in the home can now be safe due to the flexible material which shapes to the hand and improves the grip on any slippery object.

Hand Size

X-Small 6-7

Small 7-8

Medium 9-10

Large 11-12

X-Large 12-13




USDA/FDA approved Materials

Dishwasher Safe,

Fits Either Hand

Cleaning Intruder:

Machine washable with soap and water, bleach or commercial detergents.

Can also be boiled or autoclaved.

Dries in minutes.

Stains and moisture resistant.

Color, White

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