Fascia Chicago Metallic Cupcake Plunger makes stuffing cupcakes easy and fun.

Cupcake Plunger
Cupcake Plunger
Item# F-41

Product Description

Vision Loss and Blind Advantage:

Just fn to make Cupcakes with this pretty pink tool and it gets the center out easily.


Easily removes middle core of cupcake allowing you to stuff with various fillings

Removed cupcake core can be used as filling topper or served as "cupcake bites"

Great for coring both regular and jumbo size cupcakes

Top rack dishwasher safe

We designed our Baking Essentials Cupcake Plunger to help you create professional-grade deserts. This cupcake plunger easily removes the core from cupcakes and muffins, allowing your cupcakes to pack an extra wallop.

Color: Pink/Fuchsia

DIMENSION: 2 x 2 x 6.25

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