Cool Touch Oven Guards Protect against burns, don't risk the dreaded oven rack burn use rack guards to enhance rack edge adding oven safety.

Oven Rack Guards set of 2
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Product Description

Oven Rack Guards set of 2
Oven Rack Guards Set of 2,

Protect you from burns as you reach in and out of the oven.

Helpful for Legally blind cooks seniors or Vision Chefs too.

Use the same fabric that protects firemen and race car drivers to protect you against burns in the kitchen.

Guards snap on the outer edge of the oven racks to make those racks stand out for better sight and stay at a lower temperature eliminating rack burns.


*Made from DuPont NOMEX

*Safe for use up to 500F/260C.

*Includes two oven rack guards

*fits all standard oven racks-just snap it on


Machine wash-Tumble Dry Low,

Not recommended for use under broiler,

Remove before running oven clean cycle.

Wash prior to first use.

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