The Cookbook with Recipes for Healthy Eyes "Visionary Kitchen", Includes Flavor Packed Recipes and Delicious Meals all kinds of diets and none fall short on taste.

The Cookbook for Healthy Eyes "Visionary Kitchen" Recipes Support Optimal Health of Ocular Tissues.
The Cookbook for Healthy Eyes "Visionary Kitchen" Recipes Support Optimal Health of Ocular Tissues.
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Visionary Kitchen Cookbook makes Preserving your sight or cooking for family loosing eyesight a pleasant experience with this collection of wonderful recipes.

This Cookbook focuses on Eyes and keeping Vision healthy has 240 pages of Vision Nutrition, Eye-Appealing, Refreshing Recipes for you to Cook and Enjoy.

Created for Vision Nutrition but the entire family will be impressed with the flavors of this trendy collection of meals that please a variety of diet requirements.

This Cookbook Created to promote healthy eyes is also designed to be a complete recipe, food and nutritional guide to support optimal health and well being of ocular tissues.

The book outlines the most important nutrients, dietary needs and life style principles as well as common eye diseases with a nutritional link.

Details information such as Regulation of Blood Sugar, informative to diabetics.

Two of the most common eye diseases that affect Americans are Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Age-related Cataracts.

Nutrition has been shown to have an effect on both of these eye health problems.

Special Diets

Recipes are labeled for special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Regulation of blood glucose levels is also important.

Vitamins and the Eyes:

The key nutrients for eye health form the cornerstones of the recipes in Visionary Kitchen.

Recent science has identified some of these key nutrients including:

- Lutein+Zeaxanthin

- Omega-3 fatty acids balanced with Omega-6 fatty acids

There are a number of other nutrients that play a role in eye health, including the B vitamins, selenium and other plant-based antioxidants.

For quick reference, lists of eye nutrient dense foods were created.

The lists allow each person to individualize their meals while eating the most nutritious foods for their eyes.

Herbs and spices are power-packed with micronutrients and antioxidants having eye health benefits.

Many delicious meals will be enjoyed using a chart that artfully combines the flavors of your favorite herbs and spices.

Everyone is sure to enjoy these great tasting, healthful meals.

The eyes are highly metabolically active and have unique nutritional needs. Recently published studies have shown proper nutrition and lifestyle, can positively affect eye health.

The low glycemic impact recipes found in VISIONARY KITCHEN meet a wide variety of dietary needs ranging from traditional-fare to vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free.

The recipes are packed with nutrients highlighted by recently published science including:


*Omega-3 Fatty Acids balanced with Omega-6 Fatty Acids

*Vitamin A Family

*Vitamins C and E


Product Details:

Paperback: 240 pages

Recipes Pages 38-221

Publisher: The Cookbook Marketplace; 1st edition (October 25, 2013)

Language: English

Paperback, 240 Pages

The Author:

Sandra A. Young, OD

Sandra A. Young, OD,ia an optometrist with a special interest in nutrition and vision.

She earned her Doctor of Optometry from Pacific University, College of Optometry, Forest Grove, Oregon, 1984.

Dr. Young comes from a long line of chefs and waiters from New Orleans, both French and Italian. She has been cooking in the Mediterranean tradition since before she was 10, both in her family s kitchen and catering for large events.

After practicing optometry in private practice and military medical facilities, she began the compelling research in nutrition, vision and prevention of eye disease. She is inspired by current research to potentially curb through nutrition, the devastating eye disease, Age-related Macular Degeneration.

Visionary Kitchen A Cookbook for Eye Health blends her exceptional cooking skills with her knowledge of current ocular science and research, creating a practical guide for her patients and the public at large.

Dr. Young is convinced that healthful meals the entire family will enjoy can be prepared with exceptional taste while supporting ocular health. She is married with two children.

She is an avid golfer, enjoys playing tennis and family life.

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