Perfect for Those with Vision Loss. Bring Reading Material Closer to Your Face When Working in the Kitchen. No Need to Squint With this Cookbook Stand that Brings the Cookbook to You.

CookBook Bookstand by Joseph Joseph
CookBook Bookstand by Joseph Joseph
Item# JJ-Book

Product Description

CookBook Bookstand by Joseph Joseph
When You Have Partial Sight or Poor Eyesight Laying a book flat on the counter keeps it too far away and you generally get a neck ache trying to bend down to meet the book.

Other book stands are bulky in size and awkward shapes, which takes up valuable space when not in use.

The unique design of Cook Book avoids this, as it opens and folds exactly like a book, which means it can be stored neatly away on a shelf with other books until required.

When opened, the book rests, page holders and back stand automatically fold out, providing solid, angled support for most sizes of book or even an electronic tablet device.

A non-slip foot at the base of the spine keeps the unit in place on the work surface during use.

When closed, Cook Book folds flat, becoming no thicker than an average-sized book (approximately 3/4--inch).

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, Cook Book is also tough, stylish and easy to clean.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

By Joseph Joseph, masters of form and function.

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