Cool and Aerate your wine in 1 step with the Trudeau New All in One

Wine Cooling Aerator by Trudeau
Wine Cooling Aerator by Trudeau
Item# T-CoolingAerator

Product Description

Cools and aerates as you pour

Improves bouquet and flavor instantly

Drip-less pour spout

5 Year Warranty

Color: Black and Stainless



1. Freeze the cooling rod (without the aerating pourer) for at least 2 hours.

2. Pour yourself half a glass from the bottle (taste test!). This step is to ensure that the wine will not overflow from the bottle.

3. Attach the aerator and the rod by press-fitting ends into place.

4. Insert cooling aerator with rod into bottle.

5. The wine will remain cool and aerate instantaneously as you pour.

For maximum aeration,

tilt bottle horizontally while pouring.


After each use, rinse immediately with hot water.

1. Detach aerator from rod.

2. To clean aerator, gently lift up tab with T logo and slide the stainless steel cover from transparent body. Rinse with hot water and let dry.

3. To assemble, align the stainless steel cover with the transparent body and press into place.

4. To clean rod, rinse with hot water and dry. TO REMOVE/REDUCE STAINS ON AERATOR

1. Use 1 part bleach to 10 parts room temperature water. 2. Soak aerator (with the stainless steel cover removed) in the solution for 2 hours. 3. After 2 hours, rinse aerator thoroughly with warm soapy water before reusing.

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