Stick Orange Peelers Set of 2 in Fun Colors

Citrus Peelers Set of 2
Citrus Peelers Set of 2
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Product Description

Quickly slice through the peels of citrus fruits and separate the fruit from the rind.

Instructions for Use

Place hook end through rind of citrus fruits and drag in one continuous circle around fruit (top to bottom and up to top on other side).

Rotate fruit 1/4 turn and repeat procedure.

Using curved end, insert between rind and starting point of scored segments.

With curved end following curveo of fruit, drag underneath rind to separate rind from fruit.

Loop on top is used for making citrus zest.

Product Features:

Made of Nylon

Citrus Peeling Stick Assorted fun colors

Sold in sets of 2

6 inches long

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