Chop & Mash - Easy to use, the new way to mash potatoes and chop meat in the pan. The thick silicone head won't scratch fry pans or skillets.

Masher Chop & Mash by Amco
Masher Chop & Mash by Amco
Item# F-ChopMash

Product Description

Thick Soft handle is comfortable for arthritis and hand pain.

Chop & Mash is great for chopping ground meat or eggs, mashing vegetables.


* Chop and mash preps food right in the pan; use with non-stick cookware

* Finely chops meat, eggs, cooked vegetables, ideal for tacos, scrambled eggs

* Amco signature soft grip handle

* Measures 11-inch long by 3-3/4-inch wide

* Dishwasher safe

Product Details

* Black and stainless

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