Canisters in Stoneware

Canister Stoneware Ceramic - Small by Now Designs
Item# ND-CanisterSM
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Product Description

Colorful Canisters for the Modern Kitchen.

Stoneware Canisters by Now Designs are a stylish storage solution for your home and kitchen.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, each is made from 100% porcelain. Featuring a wooden lid with a rubber gasket seal, these containers close tightly to keep air out and freshness in.

Use in the kitchen for pastas, grains, candies and snacks or around the home for cotton balls, office supplies and more.

Unique exterior matte finish for a contemporary look.

Product Features:

Set of two matching canisters

Each measures 3.5 Inch tall and 4 Inch wide

Made from 100% porcelain with a unique matte finish

Wooden lid with rubber gasket to keep air out

12.5 ounce capacity; great for use in the kitchen and

around the home

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