Emeril-Approved Smoker Bag are easy to use, neat and the food is delicious, by Cameron's Products

Emeril-Approved Smoker Bag by Camerons Products
Emeril-Approved Smoker Bag by Camerons Products
Item# CP-SmBag

Product Description

Camerons Products, is your best smoking products resource. Get the flavor and smell of smoke without any fuss! Just open and place the food inside this aluminum bag.

Seal and place the bag on your favorite cooking surface: oven, grill or campfire.


Great for use with all meats and vegetables.

Alder wood is a mild Smokey flavor great for seafood and vegetables.


Easiest way to smoke pork/beef/fish & poultry on the grill/in the oven.


Mesquite wood chips for a flavor of the southwest; use with poultry, meats and peppers


1 wood-chip bag for infusing food with smoky flavor

Wood-chip flavoring pre-sealed inside; releases smoke as it cooks

Works with an oven, grill, campfire, or other heat source

Easy to use; no messy cleanup; endorsed by chef Emeril Lagasse

Measures 11 by 19 inches each

Emeril Lagasse-approved pack of 1 mesquite smoker bags

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