Quickly open any can with this compact, space-saving can opener.

Can Opener Can-Do Compact by Joseph Joseph
Can Opener Can-Do Compact by Joseph Joseph
Item# JJ-CanDo

Product Description

The joseph joseph CanDo can opener offers a unique, space saving design and effortless operation that removes can lids neatly and cleanly. The circular can opener sits on top of the can and automatically grips the can's edge as soon as you begin twisting the large mechanism on top. As soon as the lid has been cut all the way around, the opener releases cleanly with the press of a button. Measuring a scant 2.6 X 2 x 2 inches (WxDxH), the CanDo won't crowd your drawers.

The CanDo wipes clean with a damp cloth for easy care. By joseph joseph, masters of form and function.


Quick and easy to use

Simply place on top of can and twist top to start cutting

Automatically grips can edge as you twist the Circular, space-saving design with large easy-twist mechanism

Easy-press lid-release button Removes lid cleanly

No jagged edges

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