Casserole Tote Makes Taking a Casserole Easy - Foodwarmer Casserole Keeper - Black is Great for summer picnics and holidays

Casserole Carrier - Foodwarmer Tote
Casserole Carrier - Foodwarmer Tote
Item# CP-CasCarrier

Product Description

Casserole Carrier - Foodwarmer Tote
Casserole Tote, For taking casseroles to an events made easy, hot/cold packs available also.

Vision Impaired Advantage: Low Vision Cooking Accessory Cooking/Warming Made Simple


Perfect for picnics, BBQs or transporting your favorite hot dish to a party, this versatile casserole tote from Camerons Products features a durable, insulated high-temp polyester interior liner with a cotton/poly blend exterior in black, suitable for any occasion.

The top cover piece unzips all the way around, allowing for easy placement of your hot casserole dish inside, and has a velcro-closure pocket on the top for storing a utensils, seasonings, a kitchen towel, or oven mitt.

The sturdy dual handles make for easy transport. This casserole carrier easily holds a 9-inch by 13-inch baking dish and will keep food warm for up to an hour, and offers a convenient way to share your favorite recipe with friends.

Prepare your casserole at home - take it out of the oven (up to 475 degrees) and place it in the tote. ZIp it up and transport it to your dinner or function. Unzip the lid, and set it on any surface. The tote will keep the food warm and will protect the table from the heat. The handles are long enough to carry it easily without spilling.

It takes a casserole dish up to 11 x 17 inches. Poly cotton, insulated with a high heat polyester film inside the lining to keep your casserole hot while transporting. 11 x 17 inches - will take any casserole dish directly out of the oven.

The lid zips off completely, and has two pockets for the utensis. Hand wash - air dry.

For best results, machine wash in cold water, remove and turn inside out to air dry.


Camerons products versatile casserole carrier

Insulated to keep food warm for up to an hour

Mechanics of the zipper offer a wide open top to easily place hot dish inside

Durable poly/cotton blend

Perfect for transporting your favorite dish

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