Prep Funnel with silicone end and wide mouth

Funnel, Two  Funnels in one Wet or Dry Funnel by Architec
Funnel, Two Funnels in one Wet or Dry Funnel by Architec
Item# A-83Funnel

Product Description

Two Tone Two Piece Funnel Gives you Both Large Mouth and Small end Funnels in one neat package.

Product Description

Funnel large and small mouth by Architec, with silicone small tip for easy flow checking.

Product Advantages for Vision Loss: The darker color is the smaller part of the funnel it is made of silicone and makes it easy to feel if product is going through or clogged.

The large nylon detachable top will aid in filling larger mouth jars or containers.

You can adapt the size of the funnel as needed. When needed the large lighter color of the same tone can attach to it for the big jobs or just a darker liquid or product for easier sight.

It is lightweight and its soft texture makes it easy to use and feel.

Silicone small mouth funnel, detaches from the large mouth funnel for filling jars and larger items.

Two funnels in one.



Two piece "Wide Mouth" funnel can be used separately or together!

3 Great Colors!

Ideal for Liquids/ Dry Goods and Candy!

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