Turkey Thawed?

So many times I have watched people try to work with a turkey that is not thawed or is frozen in the middle.

VID #1 Turkey Wrestling
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Take your turkey out to thaw in advance for the holiday.

A few days 3 or so in the refrigerator will thaw it nicely.

Then pat your bird dry, making sure the center is not an ice cube the day before.

You can then season it up in advance, have it ready to go in the oven that morning.

If it is possible let the turkey come to room temperature on the counter 1 or 2 hours. Instead of putting it in the oven cold.

This will help make the cooking times more accurate.

The reason for this is that when you put a ice cold bird in the oven you have to recover all that time lost to get the turkey to room temp before it begins to cook, these times are not taken into account in the cook time on the package.

Now, use these hints and you will rest easy that there will be no turkey wrestling event this year!

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