Sleekstor Collapsible Colander by Chef'n Sight Impaired Friendly - Space Saver Too.

Colander Sleekstor Collapsible by Chef'n
Colander Sleekstor Collapsible by Chef'n
Item# C-Sleekstore

Product Description

Sleekstor Collapsible Colander by Chefn

Large 11 inch Collapsible Colander Bold color for sight impaired will contrast most foods that will be drained for easy sight.

This versatile colander will stand alone on its legs or over a sink, folds flat, soft bright silicone easy sight contrast easy clean stores easily flat.


*Fun space-saving design

*Expands for use, compacts flat for storage

*sturdy legs fold out for use*

Non-slip rubber feet

*Top rack dishwasher safe


We looked for the colander that fit all the needs and folds up to fit into a small space.

Color-Green / Meringue, 11"

*With expandable four legs or sits in sink with legs folded in, easy to store.

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